Daily Archives: November 11, 2014

Peak to Creek video series Episode 1

Hopefully this series will provide some inspiration as we transition from maintenance season to trail building season. We have two new trails that are currently in the approval process so we hope to have a busy winter. We are going to need more members / volunteers as the trail mileage we are accountable for increases. If bringing more trails to north Mississippi is important to you please consider becoming a NMTA member or making a tax deductible donation.


Peak to Creek Episode: 1 from Freehub Magazine on Vimeo.

From Google Earth and topo maps, to boots on the ground and three meters of snow. Watch the birth of a trail in episode one of our six part Peak to Creek series.

Peak to Creek is an educational, on-the-ground mini-series showcasing the process, passion and man-power behind professional-level trail building, from start to finish.