Hernando Point Trail

The Hernando Point Trail System is currently closed due to extensive tornado damage to trees and the public use area

Hernando Point Trail System Master Plan


Current Trail Map for Hernando Point Trail System




NMTA has been granted approval for the development of a multi-use trail on the north shore line of Arkabutla Lake. When completed, the trail will be around 26 miles in length. Trail construction began in 2015 after Cultural Resource surveys were completed on the proposed trail corridor. Phase 1 of the construction included development of a 2.2 mile beginner loop named the Backwater Trail.  The trail head is located in the Hernando Point Day Use Area. This beginner loop provides additional recreation facilities for campers and day users. Phase 2 of the project will expand the trail east towards Tulane Road and provide a more intermediate biking / hiking experience. Users seeking a longer trail will be rewarded with scenic overlooks of Arkabutla Lake. Phase 2 is under construction and expected to be complete by late 2017. Phase 3 of the project will extend the trail even further east to Highway 51. The terrain and elevation of this section of the trail will be suitable for advanced biking or more strenuous hiking. When all 3 phases are complete the trail will be able to provide a variety of conditions suitable for all user skill levels.

Need to Know

The Hernando Point Trail System is a multi-use, natural surface trail system designed for hiking/running and mountain biking. ATV’s or motorized vehicles are prohibited in this area. Trail users should report any unauthorized use or vandalism of the trail to the USACE field office.

The Henando Point trail system is located on USACE land bordered by private property. In certain locations the trail system is located on or in close proximity to the USACE boundary. The USACE boundary is marked by yellow paint on trees and fence posts. Please remain on the trail at all times and respect adjacent landowner’s privacy.


Backwater Trail at Hernando Point Public Use Area

The trail head and parking area are located in the Hernando Point Public Use Area at Arkabutla Lake. The Backwater trail is a 2.2 mile loop offering a convenient trail for campers or people enjoying the day use area. The trail is designed to offer an introductory biking or hiking experience for the whole family. The trail is also enjoyable for those wanting to ride or run the trail for exercise. The loop features enough elevation change to challenge those who wish to push their pace on the trail.

Phase 2

The Possum Kingdom trail in phase 2 is currently under construction. It begins at the northeast corner of the Backwater trail and goes east towards Tulane road. This section of trail is designed for the intermediate level mountain biker. Use caution when taking children or new riders on this section. This trail contains steep grades and sections that may be intimidating to novice riders. We recommend walking these sections first to become familiar with them.

This trail is suitable for hikers or trail runners seeking longer distances and a more strenuous workout.

Important Information

Arkabutla Lake Field Office 662-562-6261

DeSoto County Sheriff & Rescue 662-429-1470

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Hernando Point Campground info and reservations


From Highway 51, take Wheeler Road until it terminates at Hernando Point Public Use Area. Continue past the boat ramp and take your first left towards the campground. The trail head will be on the left before leaving the day use area.